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Mandatory Burbank Merchant Permint for any exhibitor selling:     

If you are selling you need to have both a Burbank Merchant Permit and a California Sellers Permit. Both are at no cost to you. Additionally if you do not already have a sellers permit you will need to register through the California Board of Equalization either in person, online or by mail. http://www.boe.ca.gov/info/reg.htm

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Mandatory California State Sellers Permit for any exhibitor selling    

eSignatures by RightSignature © 2012  •  Terms of Service  •  Privacy Policy

GENERAL All participants are expected to adhere to all City of Burbank, State of California, and Marriott hotel laws.
EXHIBIT SPACE All exhibitors must be up and running by Friday Nov 15th at noon and must have submitted all approved permits. If you are not going to be ready by Friday noon please let show management know otherwise your space may be given away. Subletting is a not allowed without show management approval.
DISPLAY Exhibitors shall keep all areas clean and will not nail, screw, or otherwise attach any material to the Marriott walls or posts. No damage of any nature may be done to any part of the exhibit hall. We will have methods to help design your area. Just ask one of our staff or Booth Buddy if you need assistance.

- No exhibit may block or interfere with a neighboring exhibit. Be a good neighbor.

- PG-13 With regards to “adult content” we love and respect our First Amendment rights as much as the next artist, but in order to make this a safe and enjoyable event for everyone, please don’t exhibit anything you wouldn’t want your kids to see.

- And all exhibitors have cleared any existing copyrights for all displays.

- CTN is providing music in the hall and any additional “loud” conflicting sound will NOT BE ALLOWED IN both the Talent Marketplace and / or Opportunity Alley.

-Age Policy
This CTN animation eXpo is a professional animation industry event.  Although we encourage everyone interested in this community to attend our policy is that ages 13 and up may attend without an adult guardian and ages 10-13 must be accompanied by an adult. We do not allow anyone into the event that is under 10 years of age due to show content and technical equipment. If you have any questions or special conditions we need to consider please do not hesitate to contact us at 800 604 2238 or email info@creativetalentnetwork.com
Thank you for your willingness and understanding to help make this the best experience for everyone.