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Welcome to the CTN animation eXpo participant area where you can update your own information for your posting on the CTNX website. This is a Wordress website so if you are familiar with Wordpress this will be easy for you. If not please review the instructions below.
For help call 800 604 2238 or email participant_help@ctnanimationexpo.com. We are a small team putting on this great show and appreciate your patience with any support needs
How do I login to site? Back to top    
  1. Go to: http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/participants/
  2. Enter the username assigned to you and your password is ctnx_2013. CLICK HERE for your user name.
  3. Click login button.
How do I Edit my Post ? Back to top    
  1. Click on the link saying Add New Post or Edit Post

  1. Search the list for your post using either the Search Posts field in the upper right or scroll down.  Posts are in alphabetical order.
  2. Click on the link with your post name.

  1. Insert your text by either using the copy and paste commands common to other programs or you can enter your Bio or information manually by typing directly into the Content Field. If you are familiar with using HTML tags you can also switch from Visual to Text mode to insert HTML tags.

NOTE: If copy / pasting please make sure your content is clean of any text formatting from Microsoft word or other programs that insert format information.


How do I add Headshot Image or Company Logo? Back to top    
  1. If you want to add or change the headshot or logo image (Size: 185 x 166).
  2. You first must have an image that is 185 x 166 at 72dpi.
  3. Click on the Add Media button in upper left.
  4. Click media library
  5. Select in the pull down menu the option to view only images uploaded to this post.
  6. If you do not see the image you want to post directly drag and drop new images into this window area. (Images must be the correct size or undesirable results will occur)
  7. Copy image URL from Right bottom “Attached Image Display Setting”


  8. Close the Media Library Window  by clicking on the X in the upper right.
  9. Paste or replace the link for the headshot or logo image into the Custom Field Text box saying “Value” and Select thumb from Name drop down then Click “Add Custom Field” button

  1. Click Preview Changes in the upper right to see the result.
How do I add Artwork images to the body of my post? Back to top    
  1. If you want to add artwork or other images. Again You can click Add Media Button
  2. Drag Drop or Click Browse File button and upload images (Image shouild not more than 640px in width)
  3. Select image file you want to insert in post and Click Insert into post button.
  4. You can also Select alignment from “Attachment Display Settings”


How do I add Video to my post ? Back to top    
  1. Go to your Video site like Youtube, or Vimeo or if a personal video on your site you will need to copy the embed code.

  1. To add video into your CTNX post, you need to switch from Visual mode to Text mode by clicking “Text” tab next to “Visuals” tab
  2. Paste the code into the post at the desired place.


  3. Click Preview button to verify if embeded code is working or not.
  4. Click Update button to save and publish changes.
How do I preview my post ? Back to top    
  1. To preview change, click Preview Changes button on Right Sidebar.

    preview post
How do I save my post ? Back to top    
  1. Once you verified your post. Click Update button on Right Side bar to save changes.