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Selling at the CTNX Store On Consignment    


For those who are understaffed and do not want to sit behind a table or in a booth all weekend, let the CTNX Store sell it for you and be featured in one of our Spotlight Signing Sessions.

1. All items are sold on consignment and must be delivered to the event on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to opening day. Your inventory must include an inventory sheet.

2. There is a 5% processing fee for every sale to cover the standard credit card and merchant fees.

3. At the end of the show on Sunday between 5:30pm and 8:00pm you MUST pick up any left over inventory. CTN can not be held accountable and is not responsible for any inventory left at the event.

4. You will receive a final accounting on or before December 31. Any income including taxes collected from the buyer will be issued to you. You are responsible to report your own sales tax and income to the appropriate government revenue divisions.

5. The Spotlight Signing Sessions are spread out over the 3 day schedule and take place in the exhibit hall. They are heavily promoted and well attended. Limited one signing per seller.

NOTE: If you are not participating in the event this year but just want to offer your products at the CTNX store you will also receive one (1) 3-day exhibit floor only passport to enjoy the show all weekend.

All merchandise and Spotlight Signings must be approved by show management. There is no guarantee that everyone selling will have a signing session.

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