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Important dates:
Artists Portfolio Upload opens on October 1st, 2015 11:59pm PDT
Artists Portfolio Upload closes on October 12th, 2015 11:59pm PDT
Recruiter Review opens on October 27th, 2015 12:00am PDT
Recruiter Review closes on
November 1st, 2015 11:59pm PDT
CTN Schedules appointments for artists to meet with recruiters onsite at the event during the eXpo
Everyone is notified of their status on or before November 17th, 2015 11:59 PDT
For those of you who do not receive an interview please consider going to our on site portfolio reviews, and reapply next year.)

As an attendee or an exhibitor, can I participate in Raise the Bar Recruiting (RBR) or the Portfolio Review?
Yes. RBR is open to attendees and exhibitors with 3-day passports.

How do I get set up to upload my portfolio for Raise the Bar Recruiting:
You will need to know your CTN animation eXpo 3-day pass registration CTNEVT ID number. This information is located at the RBR for Artists at http://www.ctnanimationexpo.com/axFaq.php?cid=6

What is Raise The Bar Recruiting?
Raise The Bar Recruiting is an event held every year at the CTNx animation eXpo on site in Burbank, CA. This is an opportunity where both professional and emerging artists can submit their work (Portfolios/Reels), and meet up with top recruiting professionals looking to hire or stock their databases for future employment needs. Recruiting professionals review the portoflios online and select those applicants they want to meet with. The meetings are organized through the CTNX site administrator, and artists are notified if they've been selected for an interview. Everyone is notified about their status whether selected or not. This program is only open to artists and CTN volunteers that have a 3-day pass and access to the eXpo for all three days on November (Nov. 20-22)

Why Does my account have multiple portfolios?
You begin with a "Basic Portfolio" and the system allows you to have multiple portfolios that can be edited and adjusted depending on specific requirements of recruiting events and challenges.
How does this work?
As soon as you’re approved and registered as an artist who is participating in the CTN animation eXpo all the portfolio editing tools are made available to you to create a "basic portfolio". Artists upload 12 images into this" basic portfolio" and include a video by using the ID from a demo reel that is either on YouTube or Vimeo and apply for an event. Once you apply for an event, this basic portfolio can be used and customized for each new event you apply for to either update it for company specific or position specific material you wish to show to the recruiters of that event. Your basic portfolio should be viewed as your foundation portolio, the one you have at home and continue adding/editing new material and used to apply for other recruiting events as they become available. See Below about Challenges and Events.

Where are the interview meetings being held?
The interviews will be held in the Recruiting Lounge at the Burbank Marriot or a studio booth during the eXpo (Nov. 20 - 22 ). There will also be maps/staff/volunteers available to direct both artists and recruiters to the right rooms during the eXpo.

What Happens if I can’t make my meeting
Please contact recruting@creativetalentnetwork as soon as you think you won’t be able to make a meeting. We will not be able to accommodate all requests but depending on the situation we will either attempt to reschedule or explain to the recruiter what the situation is.

What If I’m not selected for an Interview?
Through the nature of this program not everyone who applies will get an interview. CTN suggests participating in the many portfolio review opportunities at the event and show your portfolio to the many artists and representatives on the floor at various companies. We hope that you can still enjoy all that CTN has to offer, and we encourage you to apply again next year!

What is the difference between events and contests on the Website?
Contests are new to CTNX this year that extends opportunities year round. Artists can enter for a variety of prizes including tickets to the eXpo, art books, masterclasses, scholarships and other networking opportunities in the animation industry throughout the year. Everyone is eligible to apply.

Events are professional networking and job opportunities, that will tend to feature a studio recruiter seeking talent for their studio. Raise the Bar Recruiting is the only planned event at this time. Though we hope to feature more events with more studios at the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank throughout the calendar year.

Can I submit my portfolio if I am attending the event virtually?
Yes and we are are currently working on the interview part of the system. Stay tuned!

If you have anymore questions about the recruiting events at CTNx please contact recruiting@creativetalentnetwork.com, and we will respond within 24 hours