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Untangling the Look of Tangled

Title: Untangling the Look of Tangled
Sponsored by Walt Disney Animation
Length 45min
Filmed in November 2010

Description: Join the creators from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest animated achievement, “Tangled.”  Hear first hand from the Art Director, Visual Development artists and Technical Supervisors about how they went about creating an exciting new three-dimensional approach building upon the celebrated Disney style.

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Moderator Sue Nichols Visual Development and Story Artist

“For years, Sue Nichols has been one of the best vis dev and storyboard people in the business, having helped to create some of Disney’s greatest animated motion pictures of the 1990s…” – Allan Neuwirth, “Makin’ Toons”. Sue is currently freelancing story and design work.

She has held the positions of Director, Art Director, Production Stylist, Model Supervisor, Head of Story, Story, Consultant / Instructor, Story Illustrator / Writer, Visual Development Artist, Character Designer, Design Teacher / Lecturer, Costume Designer, Interior Designer and Merchandise Designer.

She has worked with Marvel Productions, Mike Joens Productions, TMS, Turner Feature Animation, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Disney Television, Universal, Disneytoons, Disney Productions (Live Action), Canum Entertainment, Kid’s Clubhouse.

Mark Hammel Technical Supervisor Disney Animation (pic and bio coming soon)

John Kahrs  Supervising Animator Disney Animation (pic and bio coming soon)


davegoetz_thumbDave Goetz Art Director Walt Disney Animation

David Goetz is an Art Director and visual development artist for Walt Disney Animation Company.

He art directed Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis, was the Co-Art Director on Meet the Robinsons and most recently was the Art Director  on Tangled.


Clay Kaytis Supervising Animator Disney Animation


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