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Translating 2D to 3D

Translating 2D to 3D

Title: Translating 2D to 2D
CTNX 2011
Length: 75 min

Follow the process of turning 2D drawings into 3D sculptures. The process of translating your work or that of a designers into a  single 3D volume is critical to the beginning of 3D character development. Spend an hour with  3D Character development artist Michael Defeo as he reveals his experience and process on films like the Ice Age series, Robots, Rio, The Lorax and Despicable Me 2. You will learn all the important aspects of how to breath dimensional life into flat drawings.

Michael Defeo: Making people feel warm and cuddly about a time when earth was draped in polar ice sheets is not a problem for Michael Defeo. Michael worked behind the scenes to sculpt and model the wildly popular animated stars of Ice Age and sequels: Ice Age 2, Ice Age 3 and upcoming Ice Age 4.

When Horton Hears a Who was approved for development as an animated feature, Michael Defeo, meltingly hot off his Ice Age success, was entrusted with the challenge of transforming Seuss’ iconic drawings.   He captured the Seuss’ spirit so well, he was subsequently commissioned by Illumination Entertainment to do it again for Seuss’ The Lorax, which is scheduled for release in 2012.

Top character development artist Michael Defeo began his career working in special effects and make-up, later making sophisticated stop- motion puppets for commercials, television, theatre and film.   At Blue Sky Studios, Michael used traditional and digital mediums to sculpt subjects ranging from commercial products like teddy bears to creatures for the film Alien Resurrection.

As a complement to his commercial work, Michael continues to create personal art in terra cotta, bronze and marble. He combines his extensive expertise in state-of-the-art software with traditional materials and techniques.  This creative experimentation gives Michael’s work an increasingly deep range of expression and emotion.
Michael’s additional credits include: upcoming Leaf Men, Rio, Robots, Star Trek Insurrection, A Simple Wish and Academy Award winning short Bunny.

For more about Michael Defeo CLICK HERE


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