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They’ve Got the Look 2011

Description: They’ve Got the Look!”  – Top painters and illustrators  talk about calling the shots. Who has inspired them and how they go about designing “THE LOOK” of a film. Enjoy the visuals and insider discussions between these art directors to see and hear why they make the choices they make.

Moderator Sue Nichols Visual Development and Story Artist

For over a quarter of a century Sue Nichols has been one of the most sought after  visual development and storyboard people in the animation feature film business, having helped to create some of Walt Disney’s greatest and most memorable animated motion pictures of the 1990’s.

She has held the positions of Director, Art Director, Production Stylist, Model Supervisor, Head of Story, Story, Consultant / Instructor, Story Illustrator / Writer, Visual Development Artist, Character Designer, Design Teacher / Lecturer, Costume Designer, Interior Designer and Merchandise Designer.

She has worked with Marvel Productions, Mike Joens Productions, TMS, Turner Feature Animation, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Disney Television, Universal, Disneytoons, Disney Productions (Live Action), Canum Entertainment, Kid’s Clubhouse.

Sue is currently freelancing story and design work. For more information abut Sue Nichols visit:

Jill Daniels – Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Jill has been drawing and painting from an early age.  She believes her attraction to painting vast ethereal landscapes in her work harkens back to the influence of growing up within the limitless stretches of rugged wilderness that dominate the Alaskan terrain.

At age eighteen Daniels moved to Southern California to attend art college and begin her formal artistic disciplines.  She received a BFA in Fine Art from Pepperdine University and to gain an international perspective on the art scene Jill lived and studied art history in Heidelberg, Germany and painting in Florence, Italy for a two year stint while traveling extensively throughout many other countries.  She enhanced her formal art education at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Daniels’ talent as a painter has translated into a highly successful career in illustration with entertainment companies.  Her art direction and painting skills have been behind numerous productions for Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, MGM and Universal, where she completed the development and execution of the PBS show, Curious George.  She has since returned to Disney where she art directs the animated program Phineas and Ferb and recently won the Primetime Emmy award for painting this year.

While enjoying a successful career as a commercial artist, Jill has maintained a love of painting.  “A wise mentor of mine once told me painting is about having something to say.  With the Domestic Collection I give voice to my art and my passion – painting.”

Dominic Domingo Before graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Dominick Domingo interned at Disney Feature Animation, training in numerous roles in the animation process. After graduating, he worked with them as a concept artist and background artist, in both Los Angeles and Paris.

His credits with Disney include Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Tarzan, and Fantasia 2000. He also maintained a roster of independent clients, including ORION Pictures, Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, the Pacific Design Center, Comedy Central, Wizards of the Coast and several book publishers.

Domingo helped to found the animation program at Laguna Art Institute, was an instructor at L.A. Academy of Figurative Art and is currently an instructor at Art Center.

In 2001 he attended the New York Film Academy and shifted his attention to directing live action film, and has directed several independent short films. He currently divides his time between illustration, concept art and directing.

Domingo’s lively, wonderfully stylized concept art has a feeling of enthusiasm and energy. The energetic nature of the drawing is sometimes restrained with carefully controlled color palettes, or enlivened by the dramatically theatrical use of light and shadow and judicious application of texture.

He uses a blog page as a portfolio, and you can view a variety of images from his professional projects including character design, as well as personal work, figure drawing, portraits and landscape paintings.

Paul Felix: A Walt Disney Studios veteran, Paul began his career as a visual development and layout artist at Disney Television Animation. He was a key layout designer on Disney Channel’s TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck and Aladdin.

In 1995, Paul joined Feature Animation to work on Mulan as a visual development artist, a role he played on Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove and Brother Bear. He was also the production designer on Lilo and Stitch.  Paul made his debut as art director on the visually stunning animated feature BOLT. He was responsible for the film’s unique painterly look and lush backgrounds.

Recently, Paul completed work as the art director for Disney Animation’s latest release Winnie the Pooh. He created the color palette and overall styling for the film. Paul had the challenge of making sure the look of this film was consistent with the look of the classic Pooh featurettes from the Disney vault.

Paul grew up in Arizona and currently resides in Pasadena, CA. He is mildly allergic to cats.

Michael Humphries passion to become an artist began as a youngster growing up in Tampa, Florida. Michael knew his destiny was to draw and paint, and when his family moved to Long Beach, California at the age of 12, his artistic abilities blossomed. Throughout High School Michael sought every opportunity to observe nature and create art. While in his second year of college, Michael was drafted and served as a member of the Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division’s Combat Art Team in Vietnam. Upon his return, Michael continued his art education at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he currently teaches. Michael’s professional career began at the Walt Disney Studios. While still a student at Art Center, Michael was asked to join Disney’s Feature Animation team as a Background Artist. Michael’s film credits include The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers down Under, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as Academy Award winners, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and The Lion King. He continued on with Disney art directing “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” segment of Fantasia 2000, as well as two musical shorts, “One by One”, and the Academy Award nominated short film, “The Little Match Girl”. Michael most recently was nominated for an Annie Award as Production Designer on Sony Pictures’ first 3D animated movie, Open Season. For his dedication to the art of animation, Michael has been elected to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. “So much of nature intrigues and inspires me to paint. The way light reflects off of an old watering can is just as compelling to me as the grandest of landscapes”. Michael resides in Studio City, California with his wife and daughter.

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