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CTN animation eXpo

CTNx Professional Networking

BREAKFAST WITH THE PROS – Limited to 80 this exclusive opportunity gives the talent  a once in a lifetime experience to talk one-on-one with some of the most successful and inspirational people in the animation and surrounding communities. Talent 2 Talent face time to make serious career connections in a relaxed cafe setting. Enjoy a breakfast buffet held in a relaxed intimate setting in a Salon Cafe environment. Attendees must be registered for a 3-day pass prior to Nov 5th  and will be selected at random and notified before Nov 16th. Once notified an RSVP is required.


NETWORKING EVENTS – CTN is known for their Ama-zing networking opportunities and receptions. This  is where industry leaders and top creative talent from around the world come together to connect and reconnect, do business, network and relax in an upscale casual environment. CTNX @ Nite starts Friday and Saturday at 7pm and goes to midnight with over 4 hours of schmooze time. What you don’t get online you will get at CTNX @ nite.


CTNx The Experience

PROFESSIONAL  CRITIQUES – Artists learn from other artists. In a conservatory mentor approach, you can have your work critiqued for positive feedback from leading professionals currently working in this community. In a live format up to 10 artists will engage in an artist 2 artist conversation to share, critique and encourage. Sessions are geared for Character Designers, Art Directors, Animators, Sculptors and Visual EFX,  Space is limited with standards set very high. This is for serious artists who are anxious to get information about their work to help take them to the next level.


CONVERSATIONS WITH CREATORS With over 300 years of talent “In The House” CTN provides the amazing opportunity for you to meet and greet these artists in an exclusive intimate setting. CTN puts you in the room with some of the best talent from around the world to dig deeper and have a conversation. Show your work, listen, ask questions, establish a relationship, exchange contact information and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to spend at least an hour with these great talents. A long time ago someone said to me “If I’d known I could of just picked up the phone and spoken to Frank Thomas at Disney, I would of!”  Well now’s your chance.



SPEAKERS Sergio Pablos Talks About Animation




RAISING THE BAR RECRUITING (RBR) is not a talent “cattle call”.  It is a high quality pre-selection process that takes place between professional artists and new-comers with executives and talent seekers from many feature film, television and game studios.  Submissions are previewed online and those selected will have a scheduled one on one interviews that will take place onsite at the event.  All artist applicants must have a 3-day pass to participate. Your submission goes into the CTN que and and is seen by over a dozen talent seekers looking to connect with you.


SCREENINGS – CTN prides itself on sharing pre-release screenings whenever possible. In 2009 in it’s first US screening guests saw “The Secret of the Kells” by the creators at Cartoon Saloon and “Waking Sleeping Beauty” by filmmaker and executive producer from Walt Disney Studios Don Hahn. In 2010 CTN carried on the tradition with the first US exclusive screening of “The Illusionist” directed by Sylvain Chomet from Django Films  and “Tangled” from Walt Disney Animation. This is an exciting tradition the founders of the CTN animation eXpo want to continue year after year.



PANEL SESSIONS Tools of the Trade of a Successful Animator Yesterday Today and Beyond

SPEAKER SESSIONS – “Putting The Talent Center Stage” gives guests a privileged peak at the inspiring knowledge base and passion that looms large behind the creation of memorable characters, award winning stories and magnificent worlds all shared through the form of presentations, live demonstrations and practical workshops. With the accumulation of literally hundreds of world class creators crossing over studio and international boundaries who come together under one roof for 3-days presents an awe inspiring picture of what it not only takes to create these films but what it takes to be a successful creator in this ever evolving medium we call animation—Hearing experts in our field will deliver incremental improvements to what you do.


LIVE DEMONSTRATION – CTN knows that being around, connecting, observing, talking to, and sharing with others that who have a passion for what they do is key to your success as a creator. To that end CTN gathers extraordinary people from every corner of this industry but we seek talent not just from the sources you might expect because by bringing together multiple voices from very different disciplines our guests will enjoy those extraordinary insights that only come from the most unexpected connections.


SPEED TALENT: An informal  idea whose purpose is to encourage  talent 2 talent face time. Guests are encouraged to meet and have over 100 conversions in one weekend.  Animators, Story Board Artists, Designers, Recruiters and industry leaders wearing their “SPEED TALENT” badge welcome the opportunity to connect. Whether in the exhibit hall or at the after hours networking party, if you see someone wearing a “SPEED TALENT” badge be sure to introduce your self, show them your portfolio and make a connection.


WORKSHOPS In groups of 50 or less and conducted by leading professionals in this industry,  the workshop series gives you a  privileged opportunity to dig deeper into a subject, technique or concept.


QUICK FACTS: Putting Talent Center Stage | Nov 21-23, 2014 | Burbank Convention Center

QUICK REGISTRATION: Tickets start at $60 Coming Soon


PANEL/SPEAKER SCHEDULE: (Subject to change).Click Here

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Top 10 + 5 More Reasons to Attend the CTN animation eXpo:

  • Experience live demonstrations and signing opportunities with top talent professionals in the animation industry
  • Gain privileged access to top creative talent.
  • Attend over 50 master sessions and panel conversations with contributors from some of the highest grossing films of all time.
  • Receive an exclusive limited edition collectible event sketchbook with tips from the Pros along with their contact information and examples of their work.
    (Limited and Numbered. Get yours signed by all the pros and have a one of kind treasure from the talent at the CTN Animation Expo 2014.)
  • Make connections with professionals, university and studio recruiters from both local and international organizations.
  • Learn the latest tips on running your own business both as a freelance artist or small studio owner at our Business Symposiums and have your questions answered!
  • Get your portfolio reviewed with our signature Personal Consultations with creative professionals from top studios and educational institutions. (Full Event Pass Only)
  • Special guests from around the world.
  • Learn valuable information to help you become an employed artist in the animation community both as an independent or for a large studio.
  • Don’t miss a thing all weekend long by enjoying our recession friendly low over night rates at the luxury Marriott Hotel just 20 yards from the exhibit floor.
  • Enjoy a non stop intensive experience for the animation professional and student.
  • Opportunity to attend VIP events and networking receptions.
  • Meet your favorite artists and enjoy recession friendly CTN Animation Expo rates on event tickets, books and merchandise. You might even get a signature or two!


Putting “the talent” center stage!
Be a part of the only dedicated Expo for animation talent in the USA—located in the #1 market, Burbank California, this event fills a substantial void by providing highly focused conference programming, workshops, recruiting, presentations and networking opportunities designed to connect animation artists, studio executives and industry leaders both locally and internationally.

Launched in 2004 CTN (The Creative Talent Network) is a virtual community of animation artists from some of the highest grossing films in the history of animation who come together once a year to showcase their work and connect with other creatives. As the leaders of this community our mission is to empower the talent and engage with studios and educators. Making meaningful connections that propel talent into positions within the animation, games and surrounding industries is at the heart of what we do.

“Great ideas and meaningful connections happen most often in the hallways and casual gatherings of creative and talented people!.” says Tina Price founder of CTN and award winning animator, industry pioneer and 24 year former animation professional with the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The CTN Animation Expo is a unique event that brings these creative talents together by providing a collaborative arena in the heart of the animation market to promote employment, education and industry growth — and have some FUN doing it!

Event includes:
Artist panels / interviews
Special exhibits and demonstrations
2D and 3D demonstrations
Speed Talent Recruiting Mixers
Privileged access Networking
Leaders of the Industry Discussions
One on One Critiques

“Jobs come and go and projects fail or flourish but the one thing that remains constant is the talent is still talented.” ~Tina Price the Owner of The Creative Talent Network.

Important Links:
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CTN is a self funded community with the support of it’s sponsors and professional members. All profits return to the community in the form of upgraded service, educational programs, promotional tools, inspiring workshops and networking opportunities. CTN events help talented artists connect, get jobs and reach their goals both locally and internationally each and every year. Hosted by The Creative Talent Network:

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