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Dynamic Dialogue Pilar Alessandra

Taught by Pilar Alessandra
Length: 45min

Learn quick and effective writing techniques to revive bland exchanges, tune up character voices, create relationship tension and bring life to the page. Unique writing tools and techniques help you create memorable lines of dialogue, engaging screen patter and monologues that make the page come alive.

Writing Instructor/Script Consultant: On the Page

PILAR ALESSANDRA is the director of the Los Angeles writing program “On the Page, Inc.®.” She’s worked as Senior Story Analyst for DreamWorks and Radar Pictures and covered additional projects at ImageMovers, Saturday Night Live Studios and The Robert Evans Company. She’s trained writers at ABC/Disney, MTV/Nickelodeon, the National Screen Institute, the Los Angeles Film School, The UCLA Writers Program and at writing organizations around the country. Her book “The Coffee Break Screenwriter” was released in September and her On the Page Podcast was just listed in MovieMaker Magazine’s list of “Ten Podcasts Worth a Listen.”


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