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Pablo Navarro Directing Animator

Pablo Navarro Directing Animator

Pablo Navarro is an Animation Director, Director and Senior Character Animator. He started his career at a very young age, as an autodidact. Professionally speaking his first job into animation was final line inker, after that he jumped little by little by all the positions within a production, until he became a lead animator and animation director.

This gave Pablo a complete understanding of the whole animation process, a powerful tool that you can see in his work.

Pablo’s approaches animation from two different sides, one very technical, where all the principles come together to help in the creation of movement, and another that involves acting and psychology. Like Pablo says “we have to manipulate the minds of the viewer to make them feel what we want them to feel”.

He has worked in a great number of feature films, mostly within Europe, as a Senior character Animator, and Animation Director. The most relevant are El Cid the Legend, Nocturna, Asterix and the Vikings, Planet 51, Donkey-xote between many others.

He has worked also in countless commercials and short films. Lately he had the pleasure in participate in an Animation book, titled Animation Insiders, he was invited to share his knowledge about animation processes and workflow, along with 12 of the most talented animators in nowadays.

Besides all this, Pablo is developing an animation feature film project of his own, from an original idea created by him. His current position is Animation Director for Filmax Animation upcoming project “Copito de Nieve” Snowflake the white gorilla.

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