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Making a Short Film After Hours: How I Made ‘Leonardo’

Title: Making a Short Film After Hours: How I Made ‘Leonardo’
Sponsored by The Creative Talent Network
Length: 45 mins
Filmed in November 2010

‘Leonardo’ is the award winning ten minute hand-drawn animated film by veteran story artist Jim Capobianco. In this presentation Jim will go through the top ten or so things he learned while making the short after hours and on weekends over the course of ten years while he held down a day job at Pixar Animation Studios. If you have a dream of making your own film, book or other art this is a must see lecture to learn from someone who actually went from “I wish I could do this.” to “Wow, I can actually do this! “

Jim will also screen ‘Leonardo’ and has a table at CTN-X to buy the film.

Leonardo da Vinci was truly a genius but learning about him as an artist and a person you realize he once lived and ate and made mistakes. He failed many times but he persevered. Perhaps that is really what a genius is and perhaps we are all closer to that ideal then we give ourselves credit for.

Look at his sketches and you see the artist figuring things out on the page, scribbling and going over things again and again. Here too you see the imperfections. We really tried to capture this feeling in the film. Leaving the notes of the animator, the numbers and charts and the beautiful rough pencil animation. You are always reminded you are watching drawings move. I believe Leonardo would have dabbled in animation if he were around today. Hand drawn animation that is, because he loved to draw, although, the computer and all its possibilities would have fascinated him.

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