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James Baker Story Artist

James Baker Story Artist

James S. Baker is a freelance Storyboard, Character-Design and Visual-Development artist, currently at PIXAR (where he previously worked on “Up”,
“Wall-E”, “Ratatouille”, “Cars”, and “Finding Nemo”). Other clients include LAIKA (“Here be Monsters”) and SONY (“Hotel Transylvania”), ILM, PDI and Wild Brain.

He entered the animation industry directly out of high school at the age of 17. After working for several years at the HANNA BARBERA studio in Sydney, he left his native Australia to work at various animation studios across Asia (including TOEI, Tokyo) and then in Europe (at WALT DISNEY, France) before COLOSSAL PICTURES brought him to San Francisco, where he was a staff animation director, working on games, TV series and commercials. He still lives in the Bay Area today.

In the spare time between freelance assignments, he self-publishes comic books. You can see more of his work at

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