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  • " We bring together the best talent in the world, unscripted and unedited.  Where "The Talent" talks with you and not at you." Tina Price, Owner
  • " What an amazing event you put together and how impressive it is to see CTN-X get bigger but more organized year after year! This event has grown to become the most important animation conference in the U.S. and maybe in the world!" Dice Tsutsumi, Art Director
  • " This really has been needed in our industry for a long time, and it needs to be here in Los Angeles where the business is based. " Andreas Deja, Legendary Animator
  • " CTN is something that has been sorely missing in animation. A community for artists and by artists. The expo now stands alone in distinction from shows like the Comic Con as an outlet in which to focus the art of animation." Louie Del Carmen, Story Artist
  • " CTN for me is a celebration of the amazing business we’re in. It’s not about big shot studios or big shot studio executives. It’s not about high profile celebrity appearances or very well paid animation voice actors. Nope. It’s not about any of them. It’s about us. It’s about the artists who create the amazing content that millions consume each year." Floyd Norman, Disney Legend
  • " I loved it and I was honored to be there! Everyone was awesome and heck, even the Mayor of Burbank came by to agree with me that CTN is a great event." Mike Kunkel, Creator of Hero Bear
  • " I loved the event. It was extremely well organized and as a presenter i felt really well taken care of.  Overall awesomeness!" Patrick Hanenberger, Production Designer
  • " I frankly had a blast at CTNx. I connected with old friends, with pros I admire and with whom I never had the chance to chat with, and young, motivated and promising artists. All that was very inspiring." Bibo Bergeron, Animation Feature Film Director


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