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Harald Siepermann Character Designer

Harald Siepermann Character Designer

HARALD SIEPERMANN   was born 10th of June 1962 in Bochum Germany . He studied Art and Illustration at the Folkwang School in Essen and startet early to work for Advertising – Agencies in Düsseldorf London and Zürich.



For almost 20 years Harald is designing characters for a range of animation-studios worldwide most notably for WALT DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION in Burbank California.  Harald’s credits include among others :

* Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?
* Mulan
* Tarzan
* The Emperor’s New Groove
* Treasure Planet
* Brother Bear
* Enchanted ( Disney)
* Space Chimps ( Vanguard )

As well as Designs for the upcoming Lissy Und Der Wilde Kaiser ( herbiX ).

Harald also works as a commercial illustrator in Hamburg Germany and together with famed Dutch Entertainer HERMAN VAN VEEN he is creator of the award winning TV program ALFRED J. KWAK. Harald Siepermann is lecturing character design at several FilmSchools in Cologne, Berlin, Ludwigsburg, Hamburg and Viborg, Denmark.

Join us at CTNX with a rare appearance from Harald Seipermann.

CTN Member Harald Seipermann
An Interview with Harald by Rhett Wickham on CTN’s Draw2gether series . “Germans are Funny!”


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