Chain of Inspiration – Elena and Olivia Ceballos

March 2012

The CTN Chain of Inspiration Strikes Again!!

Our names are Elena and Olivia Ceballos, and we are 17 year-old twin sisters who are currently living in Brunswick, Georgia. We plan to attend an art college that would aid us in our artistic endeavors, and to be able to study animation along the way.  Being very close has helped us build off each other artistically and competitively (but in a positive manner). We strive to improve our art every day!

Art has always been in our blood from a very early age, but the art form of animation didn’t strike a chord with us until we saw Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron!  The scene with the eagle swooping into the canyons over the rushing river at the beginning of the film was so awe inspiring; we just knew we wanted to work in animation one day! We have always had an interest in animated films. We would reenact scenes from Lion King, (to which our mom can recall quite well…) and a love for making our own original characters have driven us to know more about animation and the aspects of evoking emotions through drawings.

We have had some work over the past year or so, which is a blessing! We are doing illustrations for a children’s magazine, and are currently doing some illustrations for an upcoming eBook about ocean life!  It has been a great learning experience for us to be prepared for the professional working world, whatever that may be. We have also worked on backdrops for some great plays held at our school.

When it comes to mediums, we have dabbled in acrylics, some chalk here and there, graphite, you name it! But we could never find the satisfaction with those as much as we do with just a regular store bought mechanical pencil! Digital painting is how we color most of our works, and we find it quite effective for producing vivid colors, textures, and even some special effects – all this without the mess of paints! Our programs of choice are Photoshop CS3 and SAI. Those are pretty cool.

We hope to go to Ringling for our animation aspirations. Cal Arts is nice, but it’s too far from where we live. Ringling sounds like it has the same opportunities and credentials to help us get the education we need.  A thing to remember is that whatever school any artist chooses to go to, the particular school won’t make the artist. It is the artist who has to make their mark and push themselves! So some advice we’ve been given: be determined and hardworking, and your work will get noticed!

CTN and CTNX have been talked about by every animation enthusiast and their brother! We have looked into it, and it sounds like an amazing experience. All the professionals and upcoming talent is always a very inspirational thing to experience, and we hope to visit one day! We would love to meet Glen Keane, the Bancroft Brothers, and many more inspirational people. By going to CTNX, or just being exposed would be just as amazing, because we want to share our work with the world! It would be a shame if art was just put on the back burner for us- it’s our life! Well, most of it anyway. Art is what defines me and my sister, ability wise, and learning from an experience such as this would be greatly beneficial for us in the future.

God has given us a gift, and we want to share it! Our parents have always encouraged us to pursue our dreams, and we are very thankful to them!

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