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Andy Gaskill Art Director Sony Image Works

Title: Andy Gaskill Art Director Sony Image Works
Sponsored by The Creative Talent Network
CTNX09: Filmed Nov 2009; Posted June 2010
Length 20 min
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Andy Gaskill was drafted out of art school to work at the Disney studio when he was twenty-one.   He flew out to Los Angeles from Philadelphia and he has lived in the movie capital ever since.

He participated in the first animation training program at Disney, supervised by veteran animator Eric Larson.  Other veteran animators still working there at the time included Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, John Lounsberry and Les Clark.  Andy recalls, at the time he didn’t appreciate the amazing artistic resource these men offered, and only in maturity did he realize these men actually shaped his childhood.   At age five, Andy saw Lady and the Tramp and was so moved by the spaghetti scene that he acted it out over and over with his friends! Later in life, he discovered Frank Thomas had animated that scene, thereby conferring a sort of honorary parenthood on Frank, (or was it perpetual childhood for Andy?)
Disney became a baseline for Andy for many years, culminating in art direction credits for Lion King, Hercules and Treasure Planet.   The crash of hand-drawn animation in the early 2000’s sent many artists scurrying to learn 3d skills, and Andy was one of them.  Today he works at Sony Pictures Animation, performing visual development and art direction functions.

There is a message Andy wants to communicate to anyone who is new to the business:  no matter what technique animation might employ; hand-drawn or CG, the most important attributes of a movie have nothing to do with technique.  The two most important attributes are: Story and design.  Get good at those.


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